Federal Regulations, FTC Testimonial Rules,
Full Testimonial and Typical Results Disclosure, Affiliations


The Blue Ocean Local (BOL, and Symphonic Marketing, Inc.) team wants you to be completely informed when you visit our websites and/or purchase from us, our endorsers, endorsees and affiliates, or any third party we might recommend or link to on any of our websites. We take great pride in our products, services, and recommendations, and we want our visitors, clients, and students to get the best positive results from their studies and purchases as possible, whether this be in direct monetary profit, educational value, wisdom and knowledge, or peace of mind. Because of this we believe it is important for you to understand the following facts before making a purchase from any of our websites, order forms, phone calls, or any site we may refer you to through our third party links and recommendations.

The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) has introduced new rules about the use of testimonials, affiliations, and advertising.

Basically, from now on we can't just quote the happiest and most successful testimonials; we must disclose the results achieved by "everybody" and what the "average" person achieves from using our products and services.

We at BOL not only have zero problem with this, we actually welcome it because it will hopefully cleanse many industries of the shady & deceitful practitioners who lie to their customers and teach "get rich quick schemes" and "bizops" that they have never done themselves.

We confess that when we get emails with glowing success stories, we ask for permission to use them and post them on our website. Sometimes we even ASK successful students and clients FOR testimonials so that we can share what is possible beyond our own experiences.

Although we have not received bitter complaints as of August 1, 2015, when we do receive them (because everybody who sells anything does), we DO NOT ask for permission to use those complaints and we do not post them on our website.

We have never taken a survey to find out what our customers’ average profit is, so we do not know what the “average result” is. But based on what we know about people in general regarding “taking action”, marketing, or anything that requires effort, including our products and services, I can give you a very good estimate.

In the interest of full disclosure, here is the entire spectrum of our own customers' success and failure, in order from bottom to top.

-The bottom 20% of buyers do absolutely NOTHING. They buy our product and put it on a shelf, or download it to their hard drive. They don’t read, watch, listen, or consume our products in any way, shape or form, so they do not benefit from it at all. The number 20% may be too generous. It could be more like 40% or 50%. We hope not, but that’s the typical reality of most information products.

-70% of buyers do little. They might start reading, watching, or listening to our products. They might skim and pick up something here or there. They might even get online and try to implement one thing they learned. For instance, they might read or watch a segment, and get online to look for a possible action to take. Then they realize that if they want to make money in this business they will have to actually work, instead of absorbing our products and spitting out money. So they get distracted by some other opportunity that promises to get them rich almost immediately, and they abandon our products and move on to their next “bright shiny object”.

That is what we believe our TYPICAL customer gets from our products.

-The other 10% take the education process seriously. These people read, listen, watch, and learn, much of our material, and they apply the principles to their lives and businesses. They may not ever own a business yet, or they may wait for many years and return to the idea, but they learn and apply something from our products and services right away because they always learn something and will be successful in some way in their lives.

-Of this 10% we have another 5%. These customers not only learn and apply most of the material to their lives, they take action and work toward building real businesses with the models we teach and are successful at online marketing. They might have a rough time, but as they learn and grow with experience, they have continued success.

-Then we have the top 1%: those committed to mastery. These students are the cream of the crop. They work day in and day out, during ups and downs, through economic prosperity and plateaus. Either way, they put themselves under the mentoring of the best people they can find and they learn with diligence. They realize they are responsible for their own success and no matter what they do in life, they will succeed. And most of this 1% succeed in the online marketing business because they choose to and commit to it. These students usually grow their online marketing businesses.

This STILL does not guarantee success. There are probably marketers who have gone bankrupt during the past 10 years. Buying stuff from us or anybody else does not save you from life on our planet. These people, however, WILL be back and when they return they will be tougher, savvier, and better able to weather storms.

(There are some people – a lot of alleged “gurus” and all-round muck-ruckers who just happened to be at the right place at the right time during the internet marketing boom – who will not “be back”. Some never made any money in business other than selling information on how to succeed in business.)

It is entirely possible that you could follow our materials to some degree and lose money. As an example, you could set up a website, buy traffic to it, and not get a single sale. This is because many variables are at play to produce success, and success has many definitions.

So, we do not guarantee success. We just promise that we’ll deliver the best information we can, that is actionable and based on our personal experiences and the results (positive or negative) we have experienced as well as the result of our successful students.

We believe that everybody has a chance at success. You can fail your way to success as long as your failures are calculated and measurable and that you learn from them and improve the next time around.

Not everyone who buys from us is successful and not everything we tell you to do will work for certain. So, when you do succeed, you do not owe us a big ‘ol fat check. That money is all yours.